Kill Me Again (Kill me Sarah, Kill me AGAIN with love...)
(Chroniques égocentriques : The Soundtrack Of Your Life)
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vendredi, avril 16, 2004

SONG 54 : Sex Pistols : Pretty Vacant (Album : Live, Atlanta 5 Jan 78)

MIR et sa 23ème page

1. Prendre le livre le plus proche.
2. Ouvrir le livre à la page 23.
3. Trouver la cinquième phrase.
4. Ecrire le texte sur votre journal ainsi que ces instructions.

John King : Human Punk (Vintage):

"And we go and sit in the back garden where I lean against the wall under the kitchen window, stretch my DMs out for Dave's benefit, look forward to tonight as I click the cassette player on and Gaye Advert speeds her way through 'One Chord Wonders', all thick black mascara and old leather motorbike jacket, and if I was at home I'd be lining up my second wank of the day."

"We're so pretty, Oh so pretty Vacant... And we don’t care"

Kill Me Sarah | 14:59 |

Sexe : M / Age : 44
Profession : Aucun interet
Situation : Helplessly Hoping

14 jours à La Baule (Pdf)

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